As a technology-oriented  E&P enterprise,  TAVANA Energy gains the advantage of  TAVANA Technology Center to develop or transfer new technologies to Iran’s oil and gas market.  TAVANA Technology Center is registered in Science and Technology Park of Tehran University. The Center enables us to perform full reservoir studies, analyze reservoir rock and fluids properties, assess IOR/EOR scenarios, develop digital rock physics schemes,  monitor technical challenges and develop optimum solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

Well-known international research centers, knowledge-based enterprises and technology developers are most welcome to take part in this  interesting and challenging area, to share resources, technologies and services.

In a close cooperation with international partners and associates, TAVANA Technology Center offers:

  • Geological Studies, Macroscopic & Microscopic
  • Geochemical Analysis and Basin Modeling Studies
  • Geomechanical Investigations and Well-bore Stability
  • Geophysical studies, Processing, Interpretation, Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring
  • Drilling Challenges, UBD, Horizontal/Directional drilling, Drilling  fluid and Additives
  • Rock analysis, Core laboratory tests, RCAL & SCAL
  • Fluid analysis/PVT tests
  • Well test & Pressure analysis
  • Reservoir simulation & History matching
  • EOR / IOR  Tests & Scenario Analysis
  • Production Analysis& Forecasting
  • Well Stimulation & Hydraulic Acid Fracturing
  • Formation Damage Investigations
  • Design and manufacturing laboratory devices
  • Digital Rock Physics & Fluid Flow Simulation in Porous Media
  • Organizing Applied Training Programs

For more information please refer to TAVANA Technology Center