Reservoir Management

Reservoir management uses elements of geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, drilling and economic analysis  in an integrated approach, to predict and manage the recovery of oil and natural gas from rock formations beneath the earth throughout the life cycle of crude oil and natural gas fields. It is used to determine the most beneficial way to develop a new field or to bring new life to a mature field with.

TAVANA’s main focus is to use advanced technologies for reservoir management to improve production rates and increase the total amount of oil and gas recovered from fields. To meet this goal TAVANA collaborates with international partners in followings areas:

  • Production optimization schemes
  • Enhanced/Improved Recovery scenarios
  • Integrated production-monitoring-enhancement chain
  • Energy pricing, analysis and forecast development
  • Reserves evaluations and audits
  • Oil contracts and fiscal regime analysis
  • Resource assessments
  • Resource value mediation
  • Supply and demand forecasting


If you are willing to collaborate with TAVANA in this area, please contact us