Tavana Energy is your local partner of choice in exploration and development projects in Iran. We deeply welcome international oil and gas companies and high-tech service providers to join us to develop Iran oil & gas industry together.
Our vast knowledge and experience in Zagros and Persian Gulf basin coupled with deep understanding of local rules, regulations and cultures, plus strong funding and technology support from our International alliances would warrant our success in creating optimum value for our shareholders.

Having a local partner is a provision in Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC). The local partner would have 10 to 20 per cent equity in the joint venture (JV) along with the IOC. The need for a local partner is mandated by NIOC as a mean to build local capabilities in exploration, field development and reservoir management/optimization.

Here is what we bring forward to the JV:

  • our share of 10-20 percent capital
  • field and reservoir level knowledge and experience
  • operational experience in Iranian oilfields
  • governmental relations
  • helping in negotiations, by understanding the ecosystem, culture and environment of business in Iran
  • local stakeholder management
  • market insight and intelligence

In parallel to the exploration and development projects, Tavana welcomes international technology centers and capable service providers to come to a partnership with Tavana Technology Center,  to provide state-of -the- art services to the local industry for:

  • Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical  Studies,
  • Reservoir Delineation and Characterization,
  • Rock and Fluid Laboratory Analysis,
  • Efficient Drilling services,
  • Production Optimization and  EOR techniques
  • Digital Oil Fields

Please contact us if you are interested in IPC licensing round  or providing the above services to the local industry and would like to discuss to partnership with Tavana Energy.